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My tryst with Math

My angst with Math started in class 6 when integers, more specifically negative numbers were introduced.

All the previous classes, whenever I wrote a smaller number on top in a subtraction problem; my dad flew into a rage asking me how could I possibly ever take away a bigger number out of a smaller!

How could one eat 2453 candies if one only had 1349?

My dad’s indignation had a strong appeal to my logical and intellectual sense.

Of course, it was impossible! I mean, taking away a bigger from a smaller number.

But my class 6 Math teacher somehow did this with such impunity, without an iota of guilt!

I wasn’t so much angry with negative numbers.

I was angry with my teacher for not even showing a sign of remorse!

He was so supremely confident of what he was talking as if it was all in order!



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