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At Delhi Math Club, we aim to bring together children and adults who love math and those, who wish they were good at Math. We conduct math workshops supporting CBSE, ICSE, SAT/CLAT, CAT, and GMAT.

DMC also conducts free workshops for parents helping them deal with anxiety related to Math in the classroom. Please talk to us, if you would like to attend one.

There is no age bar for Delhi Math Club!


How many times has your child stood up in the class and offered an alternative method to a problem being discussed?

Whenever coping with Math becomes an issue, the child more often has to adjust to the aptitude and the attitude of the facilitator. Dealing with Math is tricky. It works as black and white–the moment you get a wrong answer, you are pounced upon!

At DMC we try to build the context of why a child has to learn Math. We do that by adding fun, enquiry, fearlessness of failing and discovery. This adds to the self esteem of a child, which has a direct impact on how the child deals with Math!

Makes sense?

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